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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: Volkswagen
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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: VolkswagenFor over 80 years, Volkswagen has provided reliable vehicles that never skimp on performance and style. This iconic brand has an unmatched look across their entire lineup, with vehicles made to serve a variety of Albertan drivers. Follow along with Go Auto Outlet as we outline all Volkswagen offers, from its storied history to its future-minded mentality and...

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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: Dodge
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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: DodgeDodge is one of the most pre-eminent vehicle manufacturers in the market. Throughout the years, with their varied lineup and focus on both design and performance, it's no wonder why Dodge vehicles have been so popular. This legendary brand combines both modern attitude and style with a storied legacy. Go Auto Outlet has taken a dive into everything Dodge in our...

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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: Chrysler
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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: ChryslerChrysler is one of the most notable vehicle manufacturers in history. Since their beginnings in the mid-1920s, they've been focused on two main tenets of vehicle production: power and luxury. While not priced to the level of luxury dealers, Chrysler models give you a dependable vehicle that not only looks and performs exceptionally, but also comes at an affordable...

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Showing Off Go Auto Outlet West

Showing Off Go Auto Outlet WestYou may have visited, and even bought a vehicle from, Go Auto Outlet West, but do you know what goes on behind-the-scenes? How does Go Auto Outlet West run day-to-day, from sales to service to parts? The journey through Go Auto Outlet West starts with the trusty finance team, who'll get you great terms on the purchase of your vehicle, to the BDC team who will answer all...

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Buy a Car, Win a Car Winner!

Buy a Car, Win a Car Winner!If you've been following along with the latest from Go Auto Outlet, you know we just had one of our biggest contests of all time come to a close! Our Buy a Car, Win a Car promotion got one Go Auto Outlet shopper her car for free! Our Buy a Car, Win a Car contest was simple, with one of the best prizes we've ever offered. All you had to do was purchase a vehicle and you'd...

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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: Jeep
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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: JeepJeep has been an iconic SUV brand for over 75 years. All of their rugged, outdoors-focused vehicles represent a passion for adventure that started as a wartime aide and grew into options that still succeed in today's world. From the Wrangler to the Grand Cherokee, a model exists to satisfy those with a variety of needs out of their SUV, but who still hold a thrill...

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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: Chevrolet
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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: ChevroletChevrolet has been a leader in the automotive industry for years. Developing classic vehicles throughout their entire lineup, from trucks to cars to performance vehicles. This American brand has always innovated, whether it was from their early engine designs to today with modern electric vehicles and safety features. Read on and learn from us at Go Auto Outlet...

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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: Mitsubishi
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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: MitsubishiMitsubishi, for over 100 years, has produced sporty vehicles that have dominated races across the world, while continually pushing forward automotive technology. Developed from humble beginnings in Japan, the brand would eventually influence vehicle culture, from races to innovation. Moving into the future, electric vehicles and connective technology are the...

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Brand Spotlight: Kia
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Brand Spotlight: KiaKia has gone through a lot in its 73 years as an automobile manufacturer! For the longest time, Kia vehicles were often looked down upon as below average options due to their low price, inconsistency and unassuming looks. Nowadays, their reputation has come along way, presenting reliable vehicles that contain top-of-the-line infotainment and security technologies. Read on to learn...

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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: Honda
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Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: HondaThe Honda brand has a true rags-to-riches story, beginning in a small Japanese shop and growing into international notoriety. We're proud to offer a wide selection of Honda vehicles at our Edmonton, Leduc, and Red Deer locations. Read on to find out the inspiration behind today's Honda vehicles, and where the brand is headed.HistoryIn 1940, Engineering school dropout,...

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Pros and Cons of Buying a New Vehicle
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Pros and Cons of Buying a New VehicleBuying and leasing both provide unique benefits. Leasing offersa low-risk way to drive a nice vehicle in good condition. However, there are limitations to leasing that scare off owners who value their independence. Ownership provides an unconstrained ownership experience, but is riskier and may cost more. As every sitcom has taught us, nothing makes a decision easier...

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Must-see Attractions In Leduc
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Must-see Attractions In LeducLooking to get out of Edmonton, but don't want to wander too far? While sometimes overlooked sitting on the outskirts of Edmonton, Leduc has its own unique attractions that are worth a visit. Leduc offers plenty of opportunities to brush up on your Albertan history, get a work out in or do some shopping. Our Go Auto South Outlet location is just a short drive from each...

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Our favourite stores in the new YEG airport outlet mall
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Our favourite stores in the new YEG airport outlet mallIs your flight delayed by two hours and you need to kill time somewhere that's better than waiting in customs again? Luckily, the brand-new Premium Outlet Collection mall near the Edmonton International Airport just opened this past week, and we can't be more excited for it. Our Leduc dealership is only a couple of minutes away, so you can bet...

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