Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: Dodge

Dodge is one of the most pre-eminent vehicle manufacturers in the market. Throughout the years, with their varied lineup and focus on both design and performance, it's no wonder why Dodge vehicles have been so popular. This legendary brand combines both modern attitude and style with a storied legacy. Go Auto Outlet has taken a dive into everything Dodge in our latest blog, so follow along and learn about their history, presence today and some notable models!

1947 Dodge Sedan Hood And Grill

Dodge History

1914 saw John and Horace Dodge bring their first Dodge vehicle into the automotive world. Coinciding with the start of World War I, Dodge moved into a position of supplying vehicles to the army for the war effort. After the war finished, Dodge continued to move into a mainstream, commercial position, creating vehicles for everyday consumers. Dodge was at the forefront of design techniques and advancement of the latest technologies in their vehicles throughout the following decades. They helped originate some of the classic roadster designs people have come to love of the era. Throughout the latter part of the century, Dodge put a premium on performance tenets in muscle cars that went along with their family-oriented vehicles. Dodge has continued this focus into the vehicles they currently produce.

Dodge Charger SRT8 Superbee

Dodge Vehicles Today

Today, Dodge vehicles cover a wide gambit in the automotive market with the vehicles they offer. From family minivans and well-rounded SUVs to powerful muscle cars, Dodge offers vehicles for any need. Performance is a major value of Dodge's brand, with them creating their own SRT designation of vehicles that highlight the utmost in power and capability from their models. All of this performance has been matched on the outside with an imposing frame designed to be both athletic and brawny, for an appearance that can't be missed on the road.

Red Dodge Charger LX

Notable Model: Dodge Charger

The pinnacle of the Dodge performance cars, the Dodge Charger is a muscle car that will get your blood-pumping. Its iconic design is legendary for a reason, oozing power and capability across every smooth, rounded curve. The muscular frame is highlighted by its sculpted design that makes a statement as soon as you see it. Inside, the vehicle matches its look with an engine that promotes strength, first and foremost. The Charger is a vehicle that represents the Dodge heritage, housing similar design and performance focus that represents the same type of vehicle as it did in 1964 as it does today, albeit with improved specifications.

Dodge Journey parked on the street

Notable Model: Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey is a crossover SUV that houses all that makes Dodge vehicles exceptional. It presents a slick vehicle with an aerodynamic shell that houses all the power inside. Its engine is both powerful and efficient, to take you confidently over both country and city roads. Inside, the vehicle is where it shines, with comfortable seating that can be modified for a wide variety of passenger numbers and cargo. The latest models of the Journey contain top-tier safety and technology features to keep the drivers and passengers safe, as well as connected to the world outside this SUV. For an SUV that checks all the boxes, the Dodge Journey is a versatile and affordable option.

Take a look through our Dodge vehicles and find the one that fits into your lifestyle. Please contact our dealerships if you have any questions about our Dodge selection, or anything else!

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