Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: Chrysler

Chrysler is one of the most notable vehicle manufacturers in history. Since their beginnings in the mid-1920s, they've been focused on two main tenets of vehicle production: power and luxury. While not priced to the level of luxury dealers, Chrysler models give you a dependable vehicle that not only looks and performs exceptionally, but also comes at an affordable price. With only two models in their lineup, the 300 and Pacifica, Chrysler is focused on delivering customers well-tuned vehicles that always exceed expectations. Read on further to discover all there is about the Chrysler brand at Go Auto Outlet.

Vintage Chrysler 300 in the street

Chrysler History

Walter P. Chrysler is the forefather of the entire Chrysler brand. He, along with three previous Studebaker designers helped introduce the first car for the brand. This Chrysler Six was the option that kicked everything off, a vehicle that developed what Chrysler is known for today. This vehicle promoted power out of its six-cylinder engine, luxury from its old-fashioned style and terrific engineering out of its lightweight body. As the decades turned over, Chrysler continued to innovate among their chief vehicle characteristics, as powerful vehicles that look great. The Chrysler 300 was first introduced as a racing car that eventually became as luxurious as powerful.

Man hands holding steering wheel of Chrysler car

Chrysler Vehicles Today

Today, Chrysler vehicles make up a unique part of the market. They only have two models available with the 300 and Pacifica (plus the hybrid version). With these two models, though, Chrysler has focused all of their efforts into their singular sedan and minivan options to get the best possible ones for their customers. Both are very luxurious for their segment, inside and out, and are more powerful than their sleek appearances might suggest. For affordable luxury that you can easily get in, and for vehicles that you can count on in either type, Chrysler is a top pick.

White Chrysler 300 parked

Notable Model: Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 entered the lineup in 1955. It got its 300 name from the horsepower created out of its 5.4L HEMI V8. This car revolutionized the 1950s vehicle market by offering a luxurious vehicle that was both powerful and efficient. It was so well-liked it even gained the attention of some racecar drivers. As the Chrysler 300 made its way through the decades it still maintained its power and look, but it wasn't until it relaunched in 2005 that it reached the heights of luxury as it does today. Now it stands up against luxury options, with its sleek redesign, modern technological features and sturdy engine, it's a picture of premier engineering.

2015 Chrysler Town Country

Notable Model: Chrysler Town & Country

The Chrysler Town & Country was Chrysler's previous minivan brand (now taken over by the Chrysler Pacifica). The Town & Country was an ultimate family vehicle, set to take you and all your passengers where you needed to go, in safety and comfort. As with all Chrysler vehicles, it's luxurious, even in this family-orientated vehicle, you'll feel stylish as you enjoy its quiet ride. Technology and safety features were made a prime concern, to allow everyone in the vehicle to stay connected and entertained, as well as safe so you don't have to worry if you're the driver or passenger. For dependable and comfortable safety in a minivan that is fit to drive your entire family, it's no wonder why the Town & Country served many happy customers.

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