Buy a Car, Win a Car Winner!

If you've been following along with the latest from Go Auto Outlet, you know we just had one of our biggest contests of all time come to a close! Our Buy a Car, Win a Car promotion got one Go Auto Outlet shopper her car for free! Our Buy a Car, Win a Car contest was simple, with one of the best prizes we've ever offered. All you had to do was purchase a vehicle and you'd be entered to get the price on your bill written entirely off if you were the lucky winner! Take a look at our grand prize winner in our Buy a Car, Win a Car recap video up above!

The Winner

We brought our lucky Buy a Car, Win a Car winner into our dealership, telling her that she only placed second in the contest. Just a little bit of misdirection to make her none the wiser until we sprung the good news on her. She got her very own Mazda 3 without having to worry about any of the financials to go along with it! Her loan was paid out thanks to our YES auto finance group. At Go Auto Outlet we love to give back to our customers, and a contest like this is exactly what we like to see, one of our customers going home happy with a vehicle they enjoy, all for free!

Keep up with Go Auto Outlet on our website and through our social media platforms because you never know when we'll have another can't-miss contest for you to take advantage of!

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