Vehicle Brand Spotlight Wrap-up

Over the last few months, Go Auto Outlet has given our readers a brief overview of some of the most popular vehicle brands found at our Edmonton and Red Deer dealerships. We've covered Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Kia, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet and Jeep. In today's Go Auto Outlet blog, catch up on any you may have missed, or use this as a handy resource to easily get to any of the posts on any specific brand you may be interested in.

Nissan X-Trail vehicles line


Nissan is a popular brand among critics and customers, alike. This Japanese manufacturer first became popular in its home country and then spread its reach globally. Nissan offers reliable vehicles at a great price, so you can get something to depend on for years to come, without breaking the bank. Nowadays you can get everything from family-friendly vehicles to efficient and sporty options. Explore all that Nissan vehicles have to offer, today!

Mazda 3 car in front of dealership building


Mazda has remained a popular option across Canada and around Edmonton because of their combination of performance, reliability and innovative technology. Mazda was founded in Japan in 1920, before entering the North American market in 1968. Today, Mazda is a brand that represents creativity and a sporty design out of each of their models. The Mazda 6 continues to be one of the most popular models for both style and performance. Browse our Mazda inventory at Go Auto Outlet!

Close up of a Honda steering wheel


Honda continues our theme of Japanese vehicle manufacturers, staking their name as top-of-the-line engine and part producers. Their vehicles are always top of mind when you think of both reliable and economical options. The Honda Civic is the best representation of its ideals, promoting a vehicle with all the above characteristics with great fuel economy and at a good price. For a vehicle you can count on, you don't have to look farther than a Honda!

Close up of Kia Steering Wheel


While Kia hasn't always had the most success as a vehicle manufacturer, with their low quality look, today they've reversed a lot of that thinking through their consistently reliable options. Along with reliability, they always strive to push forth the newest safety technologies and have some of the best warranties on the market. From a Kia Forte to a Kia Soul, see all that the Kia model lineup has to offer.

Ford Dealer sign


One of the titans of the automotive industry, Ford has seen continuous success over their landmark career. Founded in 1903, Ford has always innovated throughout the decades, from performance to design to technology, they've maintained vehicles that represent the times and what customers want. The Ford F-150 is an Albertan truck through and through, able to stand up to any weather that Edmonton or Red Deer offers. Explore all the Ford options at Go Auto Outlet now.

Line of Toyota vehicles


If you need to depend on a vehicle to last you for decades, pick a Toyota. Toyota has constantly been at the head of the class for vehicles that require little servicing. Toyota, today, is focused on developing new safety technologies and more efficient ways to drive. This includes integration with all of the latest communication systems to keep you more connected than ever before. Find out all Toyota is about in their popular Camry and RAV4 models.

Close up of Mitsubishi logo and car grill


Show up in style with a sporty Mitsubishi. These sleek and innovative vehicles are all about looking great and providing excellent driver comfortability. Not only do these cars look like something you'd want to take on a racetrack, but they also provide a keen eye towards new technologies, including electric vehicles. The Mitsubishi Outlander is a terrific SUV model that provides an athletic look and great safety features. Browse all of our Mitsubishi options, today.

Chevrolet Sonic LT fron with logo


Chevrolet provides vehicles for whatever you need, from cars to SUVs to trucks and more, you'll be sure to find it across their lineup. Chevrolet has been an innovative company through the years, from their fuel-injection engine in the 1957 Corvette to their entry into the electric market in 2010 with the Chevrolet Volt. The Chevrolet Silverado does all you need out of a truck, from towing to carrying heavy loads. Search our extensive Chevrolet inventory.

Red Jeep Wrangler driving over rockscape


Jeep vehicles are all about helping you enjoy the wilderness. These off-roading vehicles are well-equipped to aid you over all of the rough terrain you want to explore. Today's Jeep models, though, give you the best of both worlds, with the Wrangler fit for the rugged outdoors, while the Compass fits right in at home on the city streets. Find the Jeep model that's perfect for you in our large Go Auto Outlet inventory.

If you have any questions about these brands, or want to learn more about them from us at Go Auto Outlet, please get in touch with us. Browse our inventory for our wide variety of brands and models.

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