What is AMVIC?

What does AMVIC stand for? AMVIC is the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council, it is an independent organization that regulates the automotive industry so that the highest standards are being upheld to protect consumer interests. Go Auto Outlet is an AMVIC compliant dealership (along with the rest of the Alberta Go Auto dealerships), so follow along and see how this council operates and works with Go Auto.

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AMVIC History

AMVIC regulations came into operation on September 1st, 1999, taking over from Alberta Government Services to operate as a motor vehicle regulator for the province. AMVIC is a not-for-profit group working under the provincial government to follow specific guidelines originally developed at their formation. Their main goals include acting in accordance to the Consumer Protection Act, developing consumer confidence in the automotive industry, educating and licensing those in the motor vehicle industry and creating and collecting assessment fees.

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AMVIC's Role

For the consumer, AMVIC is important because it provides a regulatory system that ensures you are protected and get the best vehicles possible you can trust when shopping. It's no secret that the vehicle buying process can be stressful with all of the various steps and processes you have to go through, so AMVIC makes sure that both businesses, salespeople and products are fair and conduct business through a professional manner. As a facilitator, AMVIC works to open up communication lines between the government, industry and consumers in order to create a fair and balanced system that develops trust and confidence across all reaches of the automotive landscape.

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AMVIC and Go Auto Outlet

Being licensed by AMVIC is just one of the many advantages that you will help you feel confident when buying your vehicle at our dealership. Go Auto Outlet is committed to creating a safe and prosperous market for consumers to come to and get their vehicles. AMVIC inspections, which include the best practices for determining a vehicle is in top tier quality, are one of the highlights of being licensed, ensuring that every vehicle you get from us has been highly vetted. You shouldn't have to worry about making sure you are getting the best quality vehicle at a fair price and that you are being treated properly throughout the process. Shopping at an AMVIC-licensed dealerships like us with the quality and care we present at Go Auto Outlet means you can just focus on the thing that's most important to you: picking out the perfect vehicle!

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