Go Auto Outlet Brand Spotlight: Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi, for over 100 years, has produced sporty vehicles that have dominated races across the world, while continually pushing forward automotive technology. Developed from humble beginnings in Japan, the brand would eventually influence vehicle culture, from races to innovation. Moving into the future, electric vehicles and connective technology are the focal points for Mitsubishi. Follow along with Go Auto Outlet and learn about what Mitsubishi vehicles are all about.

Close up of Mitsubishi logo on a car grill

Mitsubishi History

Mitsubishi began in Japan in 1917 with the introduction of their first vehicle, the Mitsubishi Model-A, made for government officials. 1936 saw Mitsubishi develop Japan's first four-wheel drive production car with their All-Wheel Control technology. As they grew, Mitsubishi vehicles were developed as ambitious racing cars that were set to compete across the world. They saw their first international win in 1962 at the Macau Grand Prix, setting a track record with the Mitsubishi 500 Super Deluxe. 1974 saw them take down the entire podium at the East African Safari Rally. They won their first Dakar Rally in 1985, eventually setting a record in 2007 with seven straight wins and their twelfth total overall. The Mitsubishi Eclipse was introduced to North America in 1990, providing one of the best hits for the company on the continent. In 2010 Mitsubishi launched their i-MiEV electric vehicle, their deep dive into the electric market that would shape their future.

Close up of the rear side of the MiEV

Mitsubishi Vehicles Today

Today, Mitsubishi is focused on the current and next frontier of automotives, electric vehicles and top-of-the-line connective technology. Mitsubishi has accomplished a lot in its century providing vehicles for the world, but now has aimed their sights on what more can be revolutionized in automobile transport. Mitsubishi doesn't like to think of themselves as just vehicle producers, but as a company developing innovation to push the boundaries of what has been known and what is accepted in vehicles. One of their prized concept models is the eX SUV Concept, delivering a fantastic range with terrific driving capabilities.

Mitsubishi Outlander parked in a forested opening

Notable Model: Mitsubishi Outlander

The Mitsubishi Outlander is your SUV option that will keep you prepared for anything that life doles out. Its stylish exterior is bold and refined with smooth athletic curves. Inside, you'll enjoy a large interior with modifiable seat positions for maximizing storage space. One of the highlights of this current model Mitsubishi is its All-Wheel Control for exceptional handling. This latest trim comes with a choice between a 2.4L SOHC 4-cylinder engine or a 3.0L SOHC V6 engine. As evidence by the Mitsubishi focus on technology, the Outlander contains some fantastic safety features including blind spot warning, forward collision mitigation and multi-camera system. For a combination of Mitsubishi style, performance and technology, the Outlander is a hallmark of the brand for a reason.

Mitsubishi Lancer parked on a brick road with a city skyline in the background

Notable Model: Mitsubishi Lancer

One of the most popular vehicles that Mitsubishi has ever produced, the Mitsubishi Lancer, is a compact sport-styled car. Popular among urban drivers, its handling and comfortability make it a terrific sedan for city driving. The Lancer Evolution was engineered off the base level sedan for racing-enthused drivers, who have enjoyed much success across the world winning rally championships in this very car. For a mid-level option, the Lancers have always been well-equipped like Mitsubishis tend to be, allowing for a reliable car that offers crisp and simple characteristics. While out of production since 2017, the Lancer still lets its mark be known by inspiring the current line of Mitsubishi SUV and CUV models.

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