Alberta Road Trip Destinations

Alberta is a beautiful province that contains great road trip destinations across every corner. Banff and Jasper are the classic Alberta locations for a vacation, and they're just as majestic as ever before. Drumheller is your place for all things dinosaurs, in the extraordinary badlands. Wood Buffalo National Park is one of the top national parks across Canada, it's a trek to get to, but worth the time! Follow Go Auto Outlet as we go over all you can experience at these destinations!

Snow covered mountains

Banff & Jasper

Banff and Jasper are the crown jewel of Alberta and see visitors from around the world for a reason, quite simply they consistently live up to the hype. As a separation between the two areas, and the main draw of both areas, the Rocky Mountains showcase an unmistakable beauty, filled with mountains, lakes, trees and valleys. It's hard to turn your ahead in either national park and not see some kind of postcard view. The Athabasca Glacier is a highlight of the Columbia icefield, one of the most awe-inspiring pieces of Canadian landscape that you can visit. If you want to sit back and relax, the Miette Hot Springs are a great place to enjoy the sights while staying warm. The towns of Banff and Jasper are worth their own time, as well, both rustic, sleepy mountain locations are as cozy as they are picturesque. Banff and Jasper are old standbys for a reason, whether it's your first or hundredth time visiting, the views never cease to amaze.

Drumheller's Badlands


Drumheller truly is the Mecca for all dinosaur lovers. Founded in the southeast Alberta badlands in 1912, Drumheller is a historical site to learn and have fun through the lense of some creatures who used to live on this very land. For your dinosaur fix, there's the Royal Tyrrell Museum (the only paleontology museum in Canada), Fossil World Discovery Centre for interactive dinosaur exhibits and the world's largest dinosaur, which is a 86-foot high T-Rex! If dinosaurs aren't your thing, or you've already got your fill, Drumheller has a list of fantastic natural attractions that highlight the unique landscape of the badlands. Visit the Drumheller hoodoos, which are formed sandstone pillars that provide a distinct look you're sure not too see in your everyday life. Both Horseshoe and Horsethief Canyons are terrific spots for scenic hiking trails. Take yourself back in time and enjoy all that Drumheller has to offer.

Wood Bison in a field

Wood Buffalo National Park

Wood Buffalo National Park is not only the biggest national park in Canada, but one of the biggest in the entire world, measuring 44,741 sq km. Originally, it was established in 1922 in order to provide a refuge for the few remaining bisons in northern Canada, now, it houses the largest population in the world of wood bison. It is also home to one of the last natural resting sites for whooping cranes, positioned beneath flyaway areas and also is a base for many ducks and geese. This park is a necessity for any nature-minded individuals who want to see a large collection of traditional Canadian creatures in their natural habitat. Besides animal watching, there's a ton of activities to do, including camping, canoeing, cycling, snowshoeing, hiking, stargazing and so much more. The national park represents a highlight of the boreal plains, both in the unique environment it covers and the great Canadian animals that make it their home.

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