Wash and Go Detailing Packages

Wash and Go offers five detailing packages that cover both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Choose from the Express, Bronze, Deluxe, Luxury or Platinum tier of packages to get the services that match your needs. Detailing not only makes your vehicle look great, but it also ensures that it always runs to the highest of its capabilities. Read on to see all you can get from these packages

A hand wiping down a car with a cloth

Express/Bronze Packages

The base level package is the Express package, which includes a high heat pressure wash to give your vehicle a quick clean and a chamois hand dry. The next package up is the Bronze package, which gives you the two services from the Express package, plus seven added services. You'll get a power vacuum of both your interior and trunk to clean out all the dirt and small materials. As well, we'll clean the windows, mirrors and floor mats in your vehicle to give you a clear vantage point for wherever you're looking and clear out all the collected grim on your floor. A wipe of the dash and door panels will take off all the fingerprints and dust that may have accumulated. Tire dressing and a wheel clean will help protect your tires/wheels and make them look shiny as new.

Car handle close up with soap bubbles running down the side

Deluxe Package

The Deluxe package gives you everything included in the Express and Bronze packages, with eight more additional services. Your vehicle will enjoy a warm foam degreaser bath as well as a degrease of the door jambs and rubbers. For that unforeseen damage on the road, our service team will clear off minor road tar and any bugs that may have developed. An engine bay shampoo will clean off any build-up from under your hood. We'll do a deep detailed clean, covering any vinyl and leather, air vents and crevices of your vehicle, its headliner and the foot pedals.

A person rubbing soap into a car with a cloth

Luxury Package

A Luxury package gives you everything from the previous three packages, plus seven more additional services. We'll provide a steam clean for both the interior and upholstery, along with a shampoo. Furthermore, we'll give your cloth floor and mats a shampoo. An antibacterial carpet and cloth process is done along with deodorization to get any infectants out. Vinyl/leather conditioning is offered, as well, if your vehicle has such interior materials. On the exterior of your vehicle we'll detail and clean your alloy rims.

A person using a buffer on the car

Platinum Package

The highest package is the Platinum tier. It includes all services of the previous four packages along with six additional services. A high-level chrome and power polish will be done on your vehicle for a fantastically looking exterior detail process. A premium hand wax and paint sealant will further the excellent new look of your vehicle. As well, we'll do any paint touch-ups so if any paint has chipped or worn way, we'll make it look its best. This package also includes major tar and bug removal to remove all of those nasty bits that may have remained on your vehicle.

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