Wash And Go Mechanical Services

Along with Wash And Go's extensive washing and detailing packages comes a dedicated section of mechanical services. These services range from oil changes to fluid flushes to advanced engine cleaning. Your vehicle is a valuable investment, so bringing it in for regular maintenance is a necessity to keep it in its pristine working condition. Go Auto Outlet has simply broken down what you can get from the Wash And Go mechanical services.

Car mechanic changing engine oil

Oil Change/Maintenance Package Services

Every car needs an oil change, and usually one sooner than you think! Wash And Go offers two different levels of oil changes for your vehicle. Our basic oil change just swaps out your old oil so your engine can work at its highest capacity without a high risk of breaking down. We also offer a synthetic oil change that allows for better lubrication with fewer deposits, resulting in a more stable engine. Beyond our oil changes, Wash And Go provides scheduled maintenance packages so that your vehicle is always on a consistent schedule to be maintained, keeping it running in top order through every season of the year.

Brake fluid cap

Mechanical/Fluid/Suspension Services

Fluid upkeep is of prime importance in vehicle maintenance, so come to Wash And Go to make sure your brake fluids, power steering and coolant system are all operating at their best. Brake fluids help make sure there is proper and concise response to the brake pads so you can stop right away. Power steering fluid must be maintained so old fluid doesn't break down the pump and total the power steering. The coolant system must be kept in working order so antifreeze can go through the radiator and engine and keep it all at the proper temperature. Transmissions are also one of the most important parts of routine maintenance and should be kept up-to-date to make sure the gears and components are in top shape. Especially for vehicles that go over a lot of bumpy roads and take a beating, Wash And Go offers wheel alignments to get your suspension in proper order and a 4x4 service to ensure your off-roading suspension is ready to tackle all it needs to.

Pickup car with open hood, engine showing

Air Quality/Fuel System Services

Wash And Go offers a few speciality services that you may not be too familiar with, but ones that can greatly contribute to the long life of your vehicle. Proper and safe air quality is important in your vehicle, you never know what kind of fumes and smells have made their way into the interior of your vehicle, with no desire to get out. With the Environmental MIST servicing equipment it clears your cabin of lingering smells, spraying out a disinfectant mist that restores a fresh odour for all to smell. To keep your engine in best shape, as well, the TerraClean Fuel System service helps flush out all of the harmful carbon from your vehicle, so that your engine can power your vehicle for a long time to come. You might not think of these speciality mechanical services as standard for your vehicle, but they go a long way in going above and beyond maintaining your vehicle.

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