What's in a CarProof Report?

Here at Go Auto Outlet, we pride ourselves on providing a open and friendly experience to everyone who walks through our doors. One of the ways we make the buying experience easier is by providing a free CarProof report with every vehicle we sell. But what is a CarProof report? And how does it help you choose the best car, truck, or SUV? Well, that's what this blog post is all about! So read on and learn all about these amazing reports and how they help make choosing your next vehicle a breeze!


When purchasing a used vehicle, one of the biggest concerns every buyer has is whether or not the vehicle is what the seller claims it is. You can get dirty, grab a flashlight and crawl around under the vehicle, checking for problems. Or, you can trust in the power of the CarProof report! The report provides you with a wealth of information, including whether the vehicle has ever been involved in a collision, whether there's still money owed on the vehicle, and even helps you determine if the mileage on the vehicle is feasible.

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But wait, there's more! The CarProof report also informs you of whether the vehicle you're interested in has ever been imported, stolen, had any recalls reported, and whether or not it was registered in another province! You can even check the validity of the odometer against the CarProof report to ensure the seller hasn't rolled back the mileage (not that we ever would!).

If all that somehow  wasn't enough, a CarProof report also provides items like a lien search (if there's any money owing on the vehicle), as well as a detailed breakdown of the vehicle's U.S. history (if applicable).

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If you're serious about purchasing a vehicle, then you need a CarProof report to ensure it's everything it appears to be. That's why Go Auto Outlet provides these reports free of charge, so you know exactly what you're getting behind the wheel of!

For more information about a CarProof report, or about the buying process, feel free to visit your local Go Auto Outlet and Contact Us today!

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