Brand Spotlight: Kia

Kia has gone through a lot in its 73 years as an automobile manufacturer! For the longest time, Kia vehicles were often looked down upon as below average options due to their low price, inconsistency and unassuming looks. Nowadays, their reputation has come along way, presenting reliable vehicles that contain top-of-the-line infotainment and security technologies. Read on to learn more about Kia vehicles and where you can get one for yourself at Go Auto Outlet.

Various Kia cars lined up

Kia History

Kia Motors was founded in 1944 in Korea. It is the second largest automotive manufacturer in Korea, only behind Hyundai. Kia Canada was founded in 1999, when the first vehicle arrived in Vancouver in May of that year. Over 1,400 Sportage and Sephia vehicles were sold by December 1999, while over 13,000 vehicles were sold in 2000, its first full year in operation. 26,000 vehicles were sold at the end of 2001 and on May 1st, 2002, the 50,000th vehicle was sold. Sales continued to grow year after year as Kia established its Canadian roots. As it currently stands, over 188 Kia dealerships are spread across Canada, selling more than 70,000 vehicles each year.Kia Motors Logo on a storefront

Kia Vehicles Today

Today, Kia continues to show that their vehicles are reliable and a consistent option, and not just low-quality, cheap vehicles that they might have been in the past. If you look at most reliability rankings, Kia vehicles are often found near the top. If you want a vehicle that you can count on to deliver reliable service, there are few better options than a Kia. They also pride themselves on continually pushing safety technologies forward, so their vehicles remain some of the most reliable options on the market. At a affordable price and with long, comprehensive warranties, Kia vehicles are a great choice for anyone who wants a stable vehicle without much upkeep or hit on the price.

Kia Forte side profile

Notable Model: Kia Forte

The Kia Forte brings together a compact sedan design with comfort and all of the latest technologies. This dynamic car adds sophisticated lines to a unique vehicle shape that makes it equally classy as sporty. Sit inside its comfortable cabin and keep tabs on everything inside and outside with its bright LCD instrumentation panel and rear view camera. When you're driving, the Blind Spot Detection and Lane-Keeping Assist System will keep you safe even when you can't be fully aware of the traffic around you. The Kia Forte is a modern vehicle for the modern driver.

Kia Soull front 3/4 angle view

Notable Model: Kia Soul

Every Kia Soul will turn heads with its unique sporty box design. This SUV has a wide body with aggressive, aerodynamic lines that combines sleekness with utility. The inside enjoys the fruits of the outside's labour, offering a ton of rear storage space that can be modified to fit a variety of cargo. Its turbocharged 1.6L GDL engine combines with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission to give you a punchy drive. As this is a Kia, you'll get fantastic safety and infotainment technologies, including an Autonomous Emergency Braking System, Lane Departure Warning System, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and Harmon Kardon Premium Audio, among a host of others.

Hopefully you learned a bit more about the background of Kia vehicles and what you'll get out of one. Be sure to check out our Kia Buyer's Guide to further read up on all you will and won't get from these vehicles.

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