How & Why To Use Credsii

Go Auto Outlet is happy to introduce the Credsii credit score search tool to help you set a budget for your next used vehicle purchase. Credsii is free, accurate, and easy-to-use. Read on to find out why a credit score matters, how to use Credsii to discover your score, and the car financing calculator to estimate monthly payments.

What is Credsii?

Credsii is a free and easy-to-use tool for finding your credit score and calculating car financing. It is conveniently integrated right into the Go Auto Site to help you compare budget requirements for vehicles as you find them.

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What is a Credit Score?

A credit score is a numerical value representing your credibility as a borrower to lending companies. Typical scores range from 350-700, and the average score is approximately 650. Your credit score can change day-to-day in response to your financial activity. The five main contributors to credit scores, in order of significance, are:


  • History of payments, and how consistently you've paid the agreed-upon amount, on-time, in the past.

  • Outstanding amount of debt at the time your credit score is generated. The more outstanding debt you have, the lower your credit score will be.

  • Length of history. You may have done well on the previous two factors, but how long have you had credit for? Someone who can responsibly carry debt over the long term is an attractive prospect to lenders.
  • New credit, which makes lenders weary that you may be loading up on credit. For the same reason that checking your credit harms your score, reputable lenders don't jump to serve desperate borrowers looking for fast cash.  
  • The types of credit you've historically used tips lenders off to how good you are at balancing your finances. Generally, borrowers want to see that you can maintain a mix of credit lines at varying levels of risk.


The higher your score, the better. A high credit score indicates that lenders can offer you financing with a low risk that you'll default on the loan.

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How to Use Credsii

Using Credsii to find your credit score only takes seconds. Follow these simple steps:

Click on the Credsii widget located below, and fill out your name, email, and phone number

Instantly receive your credit score

Use the financing calculator in combination with your Credsii credit score to determine your price range for your next Go Auto Outlet pre-owned vehicle

Once your budget is set, take a look through our inventory for a vehicle that fits your needs. Or, visit one of our locations in Edmonton, Red Deer, or Leduc to see a vehicle in person.

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