How Much is My Vehicle Worth?

Are you planning to sell your vehicle? By performing proper research and effective vehicle pricing, you could earn thousands more from your vehicle sale. Online research, Black Book valuations, and professional appraisals are the three best ways of determining your vehicle's value. Read more about these tools and maximize your profit the next time you sell.

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Black Book Value

The first step to determining the value of your vehicle is using the Canadian Black Book vehicle evaluation tool. The Black Book is an evaluation guide developed by National Auto Research that actively tracks vehicle prices to provide buyers and sellers an objective benchmark price. Vehicle year, make, model, mileage, condition, and features are all considered.

Since National Auto Research is an objective third-party, determining a vehicle's Black Book value is an effective way to start negotiations. However, your vehicle's true value may need adjustment relative to its Black Book value based on specific characteristics. Is it in exceptional condition for its age? Do you have all of your service records since ownership? Then you may want to increase your asking price. Rebuilt status, multiple owners, and mechanical or appearance deficiencies may decrease your asking price.

Canadian Black Book evaluations are free and can be done quickly online. Use the evaluation tool below to calculate your vehicle's worth.

Online Research

Black Book is great for setting a guideline price, but demand and pricing may fluctuate between cities. For example, 4WD and AWD is essential for Alberta winters, but is nearly useless in downtown Vancouver. You'll need to perform your own research to determine what features buyers value in your city. Craigslist and Kijiji are great resources to start with. Find models in a nearby location that are comparable to yours in terms of age, condition, features, and mileage, and record their prices. Use the information to determine the pros and cons of your specific vehicle and reflect your findings in the asking price.

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Now that you have researched your vehicle's value, consider having your vehicle appraised to determine its true value. Professional evaluations provide the most accurate vehicle price based on your vehicles physical and mechanical condition.

Go Auto Outlet has AMVIC-certified appraisal experts on staff at each of our Edmonton West, Leduc, and Red Deer locations. Inspections are free, and include a thorough report of vehicle deficiencies. Points of interest are mechanical performance, interior and body condition, and conditional of wearable parts like brakes and tires. After inspection, a Go Auto Outlet appraisal expert can provide a purchase offer for fair value of your vehicle considering the costs of reconditioning.

Whatever you want to learn about your vehicle, you can find more information at the Go Auto Outlet Blog. If you're like to book an appraisal to determine the true value of your vehicle, you can reach a Go Auto Appraisal Specialist by completing the appraisal request form here.

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