What is Reconditioning?

Surely you've heard that Go Auto Outlet in Edmonton, AB has one of the biggest inventory of used vehicles available. This is because we always accept trade-ins and will even purchase used vehicles for cash. You've probably also heard that we "recondition" every vehicle, but what exactly does that mean?

Reconditioning is the repair process that Go Auto Outlet employs to bring used vehicles back to like-new condition. This is how we're able to confidently sell a safe, good-looking, well-performing vehicle. After numerous years in the business, we've distilled the process down to eight simple steps:


Mechanic looking under the hood of a car1. Physical Inspection

You want a like-new vehicle and we're committed to providing it. The initial step to the Go Auto reconditioning process to inspect the entire physical condition of the vehicle inside and out. We're specifically looking for cracked glass, paint chips, body dents, and wheel damage. Any deficiencies are earmarked to be repaired in step 6.

2. Mechanical Inspection

Here's where we get our hands dirty and look into all the components that make your vehicle perform well. Starting with basic safety items like the brakes and exhaust, we perform an extensive 156-point inspection to ensure your vehicle is mechanically sound. Anything that can compromise vehicle performance or safety is repaired by our team of fully-certified technicians.

Someone vaccuming the car seat

3. Interior Detailing

In step 3, we restore the new car smell back into your used vehicle. Detailing specialists perform a comprehensive vacuum and shampoo service to remove any dirt or stains from the vehicle's upholstery and carpet. The final result is a vehicle that shows almost no trace of being used by another person prior to your ownership.

4. Final Protection

After the vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned, we protect it for all future use. A high-quality vinyl dressing is applied to rejuvenate the interior and resist future scratches and abuse. Leather seats receive conditioner to prevent scratches and cracking, and vinyl receives a protectant to resist liquids and stains.

5. Cut Polish

All vehicles lose their exterior finish over time, and gravel-laden Edmonton roads accelerate that aging. All reconditioned vehicles receive a cut polish service to remove any imperfections such as swirl marks or scratches. All trucks also receive an undercoating to protect against chassis rust, dramatically extending the vehicle's life.

Mechanic polishing a car

6. Body Repair

In step 6, all auto body imperfections are corrected. This includes dent repair and chip filling. If new panels are required, we'll completely replace them. No expenses are spared during this step, leaving you with a nearly perfect looking vehicle.

7. Finishing Touches

In step 7 the final small details are perfected. We'll add Go Auto decalling to quality-mark your vehicle and ensure that every last inch is sparkling.

8. Mechanical Inspection

The final step of Go Auto Outlet's reconditioning process is a mechanical inspection. In this step, a certified technician inspects the entire vehicle from inside-out to ensure it meets the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council's(AMVIC) standards. AMVIC certification guarantees that your vehicle is safe and mechanically sound.

As you can see, Go Auto Outlet Edmonton, AB goes to great lengths to ensure that your used vehicle is in great condition. To learn more about our process or see a vehicle in person, you can contact us here.

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