Dodge Vs. Ford: Which is Best?

Dodge or Ford? It's the age-old question. Between these two companies with such a history of producing quality vehicles, which is the better brand? With fiercely competing vehicle lines, Dodge and Ford both fight for their share of the market. Let's take a brief look at their intertwined history, then compare the flagship vehicles offered today in the truck, SUV, and car categories. Dodge vs. Ford, read along with us at Go Auto Outlet as we explore this epic match-up.

Model T

Dodge & Ford History

In the early 1910s, a business competition was forged between Henry Ford and John & Horace Dodge, founders of Ford and Dodge. As 10% shareholders, the Dodge brothers were the largest minority shareholders in the Ford Motor Co., next to Henry Ford. Determined to revolutionize American production, Henry Ford revoked shareholder dividends to further invest in company growth. A historical legal battle ensued, one which is still taught in law schools today as an example of corporate greed trumping charitable management. With their dividends, court settlement, and insight into auto production, the Dodge brothers created the Dodge Model 30--a direct competitor to Ford's Model T. And so began the Ford vs. Dodge debate.

Ford F-150 Raptor

Ram 1500 Vs. F-150

With two great options, it's easy to see why Go Auto Outlet's pickup truck shoppers are the first to ask "Dodge or Ford?" The Dodge Ram 1500 is known as an affordable do-all pickup truck with best in class legroom, noise dampening, and a high-strength frame make for a very comfortable ride. With over 100 safety features to boot, the Dodge Ram 1500 is no slouch. However, as North America's best selling pickup for over five years, the F-150 has seen far greater success than any competitor. With more engine options, greater towing capacity, and extensive standard interior features, the F-150 stands about the Dodge Ram 1500 in this category.

Dodge Durango Front Side Exterior

Durango Vs. Explorer

Dodge and Ford continue battling for customers in the SUV segment with the Durango and Explorer. Dodge offers a faster, more powerful SUV with far more bells and whistles. The Durango comes with countless features, such as standard all-wheel drive, brake assist, and electronic stability control. It also offers a far greater towing capacity and power output than the Explorer, not to mention a thrilling available 6.4L V8 HEMI® option. The Ford Explorer is a tried and true low-cost SUV option. Now almost two decades in production, buyers continually choose the Explorer for third-row seating, an efficient EcoBoost engine, and its spacious interior. There's no doubt that the Explorer is the most cost-effective SUV option, but the Durango owns the overall SUV category.

Dodge Challenger Front

Challenger Vs. Mustang

Every brand has a flagship vehicle that speaks to the capability and spirit of the producer. For Dodge and Ford, those vehicles are the Challenger and Mustang. Dodge's Challenger returned from a 35-year hiatus in 2008 with a vengeance. Harkening back to a history of mean styling and muscular power, at its top level, the Challenger straps a high-output 6.2L supercharged HEMI® SRT® Hellcat V8 into a pony car chassis. With up to 797 horsepower and 707 lb-ft of torque, Dodge offers unheard-of power. Ford also stayed close to their roots with the modern day Mustang. The Mustang is for the working man who wants a little more excitement in their day. While being more affordable than the Challenger, but the Mustang's 460 horsepower engine is small next to the Dodge alternative. In the arms race of power and performance, Dodge seems to win the flagship car category.

Ford Mustang in the desert

Dodge Vs. Ford Verdict

After 100 years of competition, Dodge offers more capable flagship vehicles than Ford does, but be prepared to pay for it. Despite the 1500's lesser overall performance when put against the F-150, Dodge's Durango and Challenger demonstrate superior engineering and will to create an exciting vehicle. Ford, on the other hand, offers trim levels cheaper than most of the Dodge options, so it's up to your balance of performance vs. cost for which brand is best for you.

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