Must-see Attractions In Leduc

Looking to get out of Edmonton, but don't want to wander too far? While sometimes overlooked sitting on the outskirts of Edmonton, Leduc has its own unique attractions that are worth a visit. Leduc offers plenty of opportunities to brush up on your Albertan history, get a work out in or do some shopping. Our Go Auto South Outlet location is just a short drive from each of these memorable landmarks!


view of an oil well in the distance on a prairie

Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre

Come discover the birthplace of the Alberta oil industry at the Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre. This Natural Historic Site of Canada was built around the first major oil discovery in the province. The museum gives you a first-hand look at several unique exhibits featuring equipment, artifacts and stories to educate you on everything you need to know about oil. You'll get a first hand look at the history of the oilfield industry in Alberta and what made our province into what it is today.


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Leduc Heritage Grain Elevator

Oil isn't the only piece of prairie history that Leduc proudly displays. Once a staple among our province, The Leduc Heritage Grain Elevator is one of the last saved grain elevators still standing today. Constructed in 1978, it combines a traditional wood design with a modern ventilation process that served to keep the grain safe from fire hazards. This impeccably conserved landmark gives you a peek of how we used to live just a few decades ago!


Hockey puck on the ice close up

Leduc Recreation Centre

Get your sweat on at the Leduc Recreation Centre. If you're like most Albertans and the ice is your calling, the LRC has three NHL-sized arenas and eight curling rinks. When you've had enough of the ice, the facility offers state of the art swimming, fitness and running facilities. Whichever activity gets your heart pumping, Leduc's Recreation Centre is sure to fulfill all of your needs.


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Airport Outlet Mall

The airport isn't just for jetting off to your favourite sunny destination anymore thanks to the opening of the brand new Airport Outlet Mall. The mall boasts high-end stores such as Nike, Lolë and Levi's. If you do have a flight to catch, the mall offers arrival/departures screens, the ability to print boarding passes and a shuttle to the airport to get you to your plane on time.

From all of us at Go Auto Outlet South, we hope you enjoy your time in the city and find what suits your needs.

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