Our favourite stores in the new YEG airport outlet mall

Is your flight delayed by two hours and you need to kill time somewhere that's better than waiting in customs again? Luckily, the brand-new Premium Outlet Collection mall near the Edmonton International Airport just opened this past week, and we can't be more excited for it. Our Leduc dealership is only a couple of minutes away, so you can bet that some of us might take a quick shopping trip every now and then.

Looking to check the mall out sometime soon, but you feel overwhelmed by the choices of stores to visit? Your friends at Go Auto Outlet made you a list ... for the outlet! We named some of our favourite places and stores inside the mall to help get you started on your shopping journey.


Close up of the Levi's logo tag on a pair of jeans

Levi's Outlet Store

Nothing beats the classics! Levi's has been a classic outerwear brand for over 160 years, and continues to become an essential part of any wardrobe. You can never go wrong while wearing a cool Levi's jean jacket or some tapered 511 slim jeans--maybe even both if you think you can pull the Canadian tuxedo off! They pair really well while driving with the top-down on your sweet convertible for the summer (we have some of those if you're looking for one, by the way).


Nike logo on a wooden panel

Nike Factory Store

I think we can agree that the most rewarding thing about outlet stores are finding that one item you never bought at retail sitting on the clearance shelf with an additional 30% off. The brand-new Nike Factory Store is perfect for those trying to find good deals on athletic wear, sports gear, and of course, sneakers. It's summertime here in Alberta, so fresh and clean kicks are a must while you make your way around town.


Woman running in athletic wear

Lolë Outlet Store

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Lolë is a women's athletic brand based out of Montreal. Their focus is towards making feminine and fashion-forward designs that are versatile for any occasion outside of the morning jog or 1-hour gym session. There's already been a location in West Edmonton Mall, but this is only the second location established in the Edmonton area, so be on the lookout for Lolë when the racks at the Nike store are looking slim.


Marshalls Storefront


We know what you're thinking: what's the point of Marshalls if we've already got Winners? While both are owned by the same company, Marshalls sells higher-end items and are more geared towards family-fashion. While finding a cheap pair of Chuck Taylors on the shelves of Winners is already a great find, wouldn't it be even better if you have it with the box? Because the footwear at Marshalls do! Either way, a good find awaits for you down at Marshalls.


Adidas storefront

Adidas Store

This one just makes us feel impatient. The official Adidas store doesn't open in the Premium Outlet Collection Mall until June and we're so anxious for it open! The store will be opening right beside the Nike Factory Store, so you'll never be out of options when it comes to shoes. As nice as dress shoes look while walking around the dealership, the feeling of slipping into a comfortable pair of Ultra Boost sneakers feels like you're walking on clouds.

These were just a few of the stores we're most looking forward to visit at the airport outlet mall. From all of us here at Go Auto Outlet, happy shopping!

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