The Greatest Road Trips in Alberta - Rediscovering Our Province

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Ah, Alberta. We've got it all: beautiful prairies like Saskatchewan's, mountains piercing the sky, and winding roads to lose--or find--yourself on. Alberta can be quite the adventure; all you need to know is where to go, and you'll figure out the rest on the road. Let's get you on the right path with this: these are the greatest road trips in Alberta.

Journeys, Destinations

How you get to where you're going on a road trip is half the fun, and the other half is exploring the town on bike, having a couple drinks at the local pub, the rumble of the mountains... Just try imagining yourself there now... Both the journey and the destination are what bring us out of the big city and beyond.

Edmonton/Calgary to Banff and Jasper

Yep, we're doing both Banff and Jasper in this road trip and here's why: the drive between these Rocky Mountain towns along the Columbia Icefields is unparalleled. Big sky country, Canmore, Lake Louise, Bow Lake... It's all along the way during this roadtrip.

You might've heard before that Banff and Jasper are quite similar, and that's true, but you'll definitely have different experiences. A fun little analogy for you: Banff is the more social, busier sibling between the two, inviting all his friends to go snowboarding together; Jasper is the quiet sibling who prefers to keep things a bit more subtle and serene. Both have an abundance of nature and splendor, and regardless of where you spend the majority of your time, you can rely on the sun beaming off the mountains to wake you up early in the morning.

View of a lake with mountains and a forest

the Canadian Badlands

Home of the dinosaurs--no, we don't mean Drumheller is a retirement community. This is where the dinos roamed so many millions of years ago. Epic is a word you'll likely hear out of your kids' mouths as they gaze up at towering rock formations and T-Rex fossil heads. Hiking or even just driving through the town can be quite the adventure for the whole family; what you're really exploring when you come to Drumheller is another time in Earth's history and some otherworldly scenery.

Red deer to Saskatchewan crossing

Highway 11 west from Red Deer might look like nothing special at first, and there's often a lot of traffic with people on their way to Sylvan Lake, but that's not where we're headed here. Let's keep going past this exit until we start noticing open road and the scent of nearby ranches. Rocky Mountain House is here, and so too are the proud Canadian Rockies. You might just want to stop in at Nordegg Lodge for a bison burger--that'll give you a good taste of what the local culture is like...

The ride into Saskatchewan River Crossing is breathtaking, especially if you're never seen the glaciers before. Keep the windows down as you drive because this could very well be the most connected to nature you'll ever feel.

There's lots more to explore

The Columbia Icefields Parkway, the Bow Valley Parkway, the Smith Dorrien Spray Trail--Alberta is a lot bigger than you think...

So we've got you thinking about road trips this spring, yeah? But perhaps cramming the family into the sedan isn't sounding too appealing... How about touching base with us here at Go Auto Outlet to learn about test driving a new SUV with us--we can share road trip stories? If that sounds like fun to you, then get in touch with us and we'll introduce you to some awesome road trip partners!

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