Fun Things to Do During the Springtime in Edmonton

Leaves from a tree with the sun shining through it

It's finally here, and it sure is welcome. Let's hope the snow doesn't haunt us much longer so the street cleaners can get out there, eh? Springtime is a time of year for optimism, a fresh start and adventure, and what better way to kick things off than with some great ideas for springtime awesomeness. Here are some fun things to do during the springtime in Edmonton, starting this April 2018!

The Ford World Men's Curling Championship

Hurry haaaard to the 2018 Championship hosted by Ford Canada! In fact, this competition is celebrating 59 years of Canadian heritage and worldwide adoration. Northlands Coliseum is hosting this year's event which will decide the World Champion and most of the men's field for the 2018 Winter Olympics. This is curling at it's absolute best and if you're curious about it, we're sure you'll get caught up in the crowd excitement for one of Canada's favourite sports this April.

April 1-9, 2018

the 2018 edmonton motorshow

April 12-15 and a big deal for the last 42 years. This is indeed Edmonton's premiere auto event, housing over 750 vehicles and just about all of the excitement the automotive world has to offer. This is the best auto manufacturers are showcasing for 2018, with all the classics, exotics and customs you could imagine. But it's more than that: you'll find test-drive zones, simulators, collector auctions, enter-to-wins for vehicles, racing packages and more. This show is going to be an absolute blast, and you can bet we at Go Auto Outlet will be paying attention and attending. You can go ahead and pick up tickets here.

April 12-15, 2018

Close up of a vintage car and it's hub cap

nothing defines spring quite like flowers do

April showers and beautiful flowers--if that sounds like springtime to you, then there's a lot you can do this April! For example, the Orchid Fair at the Enjoy Centre from April 7-9 will be delightful, we're sure, with plants you can spruce up your home with like the rarest orchids you can find. And there's always the Muttart Conservatory with new exotic plants every year and the Concerts at the Conservatory for you and the loved one to enjoy local artists along with the gorgeous greenery. And during the intermission, you can take the guided tour with your own Muttart Conservatory Interpreter!

Edmonton International Beerfest

Self explanatory? Mostly. What you might not expect is the event takes place in over 80,000 square feet of space. This is because there are more than 500 beers for tasting, an awesome lineup of entertainment, Edmonton's most popular beer-serving establishments, and a lot of attendees. Come to The Shaw Conference Centre to check this event out or read more about it here.

April 13-14, 2018

Taking a test drive in a brand new vehicle

You knew this one was coming, right? Perhaps not, but it's one of the things that's got us here at Go Auto Outlet really excited about the spring. There's nothing quite like that new car smell along with the smell of freshly cut grass... If that's sounding good to you, then you're more than welcome to get in touch to learn more about a test drive with us at Go Auto Outlet! And there you have it - our ideas for fun things to do during the springtime in Edmonton!

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