Best Maintenance Tips for Your Used Vehicle

Mechanic working on the bottom side of the car

So you've just decided on a quality used vehicle and now you're thinking about how you can keep it running as well as it does now. It depends a lot on just how used your used vehicle currently is; every used vehicle has at least some wear and tear and components that will need your attention soon--and that's precisely where we're going to start with this blog post about the best maintenance tips for your used vehicle...

what does the recent maintenance report say?

This is your go-to for figuring out what parts of your vehicle will need the most attention... and when. These reports highlight particular areas for attention either in the near or near-ish future. Upon purchasing a used vehicle, it's always a good idea to request from the seller--private or dealership--any maintenance reports from the last few years. And it's an even better idea to get the vehicle checked out by your trusted repair centre before buying to get their analysis of things. If you haven't had that checkup yet since purchasing the vehicle, then you're welcome to reach out to us for a quick quote!

Look for any notes left in the report by the repair staff; these will indicate particular areas that might need attention sooner than later. This is the most fundamental tip we've got for you when it comes to the best maintenance tips for your used vehicle, but there are some other fundamental things to do as well...

listen to what your vehicle is telling you

No, we don't mean having a heart-to-heart with it, but if your vehicle is making strange noises and waking up the baby in the back, then your vehicle is trying to tell you something. For example:

  • A rattling sound from the undercarriage - could be your suspension/shocks are compromised
  • Your brakes are squealing - your brake pads are likely worn out
  • Uneven idling - your car has a natural rhythm and if this seems off to you, then that could be indicative of an issue

Additionally, pay attention to how your vehicle feels as you drive. Somewhat worn tires are a common issue with used vehicles, so if you're noticing you're not braking as promptly as you once were, then let's get those tires checked out.

A mechanic working on car brakes

no one's talking about the timing belts!

By far the most important belt in the engine, and one that often needs attention sooner than a lot of used-car dealers would be willing to admit. It can be an expensive component to replace, but it's gotta be done. If you've got about 100,000 kilometres on the odometer, this is when you should start wondering about it, and after 160,000 is when you should definitely look into getting it replaced. Many modern vehicles have a steel timing chain instead, but older used models often still have the timing belt. It's important to know which you've got, and our team here at Go Auto Outlet would be happy to tell you!

regular maintenance is a best practice

Used vehicles require a bit more attention than new ones simply because their components are older and thus more susceptible to becoming compromised. This means servicing your vehicle regularly is that much more important. There are particular maintenance items to get checked out regularly, and you can trust Go Auto Outlet to recommend those items your vehicle is overdue for. These are some of the other best maintenance tips for your used vehicle:

  • Your fluids, like your engine oil
  • Your filters, like the air filter
  • Spark plugs and other engine components
  • Brakes and their components, like the brake pads
  • Timing belt/chain
  • Condition of tires
  • Operation of lights, wipers
  • Etc.

We can also keep your vehicle's exterior and interior looking great, checking for chips in the windshield or on the paint, and for any rust. We'd be delighted to wash the exterior and interior of your vehicle too. Might be a good idea considering how dirty this last winter season was, right?

It is indeed the season for giving your vehicle a good refresh! To inquire about the servicing and maintenance we offer here at Go Auto Outlet, or to make an appointment with us, feel free to get in touch with our team!

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