How to Get Ready for the Pothole Season

Pot hole on a roadAll the melting snow and ice reveals that springtime is about here, but it also reveals all the potholes throughout our city streets, doesn't it? It's not a pretty time of year, but so long as you're prepared for it, that's the only problem you'll have with it. The trick is to prep your vehicle for tackling these potholes--or perhaps better yet, for avoiding them altogether. And that's easier than you'd think thanks to the experts here at Go Auto Outlet. Here's how to get ready for the pothole season...

Let's Get Those Shocks Checked Out

Hands down, the best thing you could possibly do to prepare for potholes. Your shocks and suspension are on the list of items to get checked out yearly, especially in preparation for the pothole season. Rough winter roads can be tough on your vehicle's shocks and suspension, and if they're compromised at all, then the rest of your vehicle is vulnerable too. And if the little bumps on the road have started feeling like bigger ones, or if you've started to notice a rattling sound as you drive, then you're definitely going to want to bring your vehicle in to us.

The consequences of not taking care of your suspension? Take it from the author of this post: leaving a crack in my suspension eventually led to ratting both outside and inside the car as undercarriage and cabin components detached from one another and cracked.

Tire Rotation, rebalancing

One pothole, hitting a curb or even just the lumpy, bumpy winter snow beneath your tires can throw off your wheel alignment. And that, in turn, affects things like your tire tread, causing it to wear more quickly. A rotation and rebalancing is pretty straightforward--pun intended. We'll make sure your wheels are pointed precisely where you want them to turn so you can simply avoid this season's potholes altogether and keep those tires in good shape. And speaking of tires...

Mechanic changing tire

tire repair

All-season tires take a beating during the winter season. And if you were crazy enough to leave your summer tires on this last year, then you're absolutely going to want to get them checked out here at Go Auto Outlet. Or if you've currently got your snow tires on, then when you come in to see us to get them changed out, we'll be sure to check the tread of your summers or all-seasons.

Winter weather is indeed rough on your tires. Bad road conditions can cause a tire's sidewall to bulge or be punctured. And as we mentioned earlier, a wheel misalignment can cause issues with your tires like premature or uneven wear. A flat tire is obvious, but these other things aren't so much. This is why Go Auto Outlet's Service Technicians are here. We'll take a look at those tires, making sure they're road-worthy, and we'll check out your rims to see if there are any dents or chips.

Inspections for peace of mind

So here's a good idea: let's get you in for a general vehicle inspection to check out your entire vehicle. We'll be on the lookout for all the aforementioned potential issues, and we'll top off your fluids too for a fresh start this spring. Is your vehicle making any strange noises? Let's get that checked out while we're at it--it's all a part of a complete vehicle inspection here at Go Auto Outlet.

And that right there is how to get ready for the pothole season so you can deal with those brutal potholes so much more easily. It's all about prepping your vehicle for them, letting it better handle the potholes with a sturdy suspension, and avoid them thanks to having precise wheel alignment. Let's go ahead and get you booked in for that Service appointment with us at Go Auto Outlet!

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