Can I finance additional accessories or an extended warranty?

You are considering purchasing a new or a used vehicle, however, you also need to purchase additional accessories and an extended warranty to enhance the look and comfort of your vehicle and also guarantee your peace of mind. However, you still have one question that remains unanswered: "Can I finance additional accessories or extended warranty?" Read on to find out now.

Extended warranty why?

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So what is an extended warranty and how will it benefit you? An extended warranty covers your vehicle after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Depending on the dealership and the warranty you choose, an extended warranty will fully or partly cover any unforeseen mechanical breakdowns which will prevent you from having unexpected vehicle expenses. Therefore, all or some of the repairs or part replacements that are performed on your vehicle will be covered by your extended warranty. Furthermore, depending on the contract, some dealerships will even reimburse your expenses for renting a replacement vehicle or using public transportation or riding a taxi, towing expenditures and so on. Some dealerships also provide a 24-hour roadside assistance service. Warranty costs can vary depending on the vehicle type, the mileage, and many other factors, and it totally is worth getting. You should consider purchasing an extended warranty especially when it comes to buying a used vehicle. Make sure to check out our tips for buying used vehicles.

Financing additional products and services

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Now let's focus on our main question: "Can I finance additional accessories or extended warranty?" And the answer is as simple as "YES." Most car buyers are not even aware of this advantage. So if you are looking to buy additional accessories for your vehicle or purchase an extended warranty, you can simply get the dealership to factor these costs into your financing plan and simply add it into your monthly payment. So yes, you can still get those floor liners, deflectors, tonneau covers and mud flaps you want, even if you do not have the finances to buy them outright. And don't forget, you can also finance an extended warranty for your vehicle for a guaranteed peace of mind!

Learn more about our finance department here at Go Auto Outlet and also check how you can own your vehicle even with outstanding debts. At Go Auto Outlet, we are always here to help you find what you are looking for!

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