How to Save Big on a Used Vehicle!

Every year thousands of people from across the Red Deer area search for great deals on used cars, trucks, and SUVs. Considering you're reading this article, chances are you're one of these individual - so how do you get the most amount of car for the least amount of money?

Go Auto Outlet is here to help with these tips that will help you get the best deal on a used vehicle. Let's get started!

Research Average Values

The first step in getting a good deal on a used vehicle is knowing how much you should be paying. Sites like let you check how much a vehicle sells for on average, giving you a better idea of whether the seller's price is fair. Also check sites like and to see what other sellers are asking for similar vehicles.

Investigate Multiple Vehicles

Make sure you investigate multiple vehicles before making a choice

Don't settle for the first vehicle you find! Often the first vehicle you see simply gives you a better idea of what you want, and what you need from a vehicle. Plus, you'll never know if a better vehicle is out there if you simply buy the first vehicle you test!

Better Deal ? Cheaper

A common misconception is that a better deal always means getting a cheaper vehicle. While this is often the case, don't assume the best vehicle for the money is the cheapest. For instance, paying $10K for a vehicle with 150,000kms isn't a better deal than a $11K vehicle with 100,000kms on it.

Haggle Intelligently

Haggle intelligently for a better chance at getting money off the asking price

When it comes time to make a deal, almost everyone haggles with the price. To get the best deal however, requires you haggle intelligently. Don't just ask for money off - point out flaws that require fixing or fees that need paying as justification for a lower price tag. Giving reasons for discounts makes the seller more likely to accept selling for less.

Those were our tips for getting a better deal on a used vehicle, what did you think? Browse Our Inventory to find great deals on pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs!

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