5 Hot Trade-In Tips from Go Auto Outlet!

Every year, hundreds of people across Alberta trade in their old cars, trucks, and SUVs in for something newer. And if you're reading this post, then you're probably thinking about trading your current vehicle in at your local Go Auto dealership.

One of the many advantages of trading your car through our dealerships is letting you skip the legwork and risk that comes with a private sale. Another advantage is the ease of buying and selling at a single location, rather than having to do the run about. You also get to enjoy having your trade processing and completed within a couple of hours, whereas a private sale can take much longer.

However, the main question that crosses the minds of anyone considering trading their old car, truck, or SUV is: how do I get the most for my vehicle?

Provide a Service History

When buying a pre-owned vehicle, the main concern for most is reliability. The dealership will want to know that your car, truck, or SUV has been properly maintained throughout its life. That's why it's critical to keep servicing and maintenance records which prove your vehicle is free from mechanical or electrical issues - and therefore is worth more!

Maintain It

If you're going to bother providing your vehicle service history, it's important that you've maintained it in the first place. So prior to trading it in, make sure your vehicle has been recently serviced. That way, the dealership knows that any potential issues have been fixed. Because this saves the dealership's time and money, you can expect more in return!

Make It Shine

Maintaining your vehicle takes more than just changing the oil and replacing tires, it's also about keeping it clean. Things like cigarette smoke, pet odours, and coffee stains will seriously diminish the value of your trade! So regularly clean your car, truck, or SUV to remove these offending imperfections and keep that trade-in value sky high.

Discover Your Vehicle's Value

Before you decide to trade up, it's important to research what you can expect from your vehicle prior to appraisal.  Searching for similar vehicles on sites like Kijiji and Autotrader will give you a better idea of what the local market is like for your ride. Just keep in mind that the exact value of your trade-in will depend on its condition. Nevertheless, it's always a good idea to have at least some information prior to stepping foot in a dealership.

So those were our five tips for receiving the most for your trade in. Hopefully by following these guidelines, the next time you decide to trade up you can walk away with the best deal possible!

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