Certified Used Vehicles vs. Value Vehicles

Are you wondering what is the difference between certified used vehicles and value vehicles? After all, they are all pre-owned vehicles! However, there are few differences between these two types pre-owned vehicles. Read on and discover which one will be the best option for you.

All used vehicles at Go Auto Outlet are certified by the AMVIC (Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council). This non-profit organization strives to make sure people are safe on the roads by prescribing the regulations for the automotive industry. Therefore, they have strict rules for their vehicle inspections, but there are still differences between used and value vehicles...

Certified Used vehicles

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Certified vehicles are generally as good as used vehicles get when it comes to quality and reliability. The exterior is generally free from imperfections, and the vehicles are low mileage too. Certified vehicles are manufacturer-approved vehicles that meet their specifications for quality and durability. Often, these certified vehicles receive a more thorough inspection too, covering not only the most critical components like steering, but also the minor components like air conditioning.

For this reason, our outlet certified vehicles have a slightly higher price than other pre-owned vehicles. However, this helps ensure that you have a reliable and long-lasting vehicle. Even if you end up buying a vehicle that later turns out to have some problems, there will be no need to worry, because, at Go Auto Outlet, we have a 30-day return policy. Check out our certified inventory in the Edmonton and Leduc area today!


Value vehicles

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If you are looking for a cheaper option, then value vehicles will be the best alternative for you. Value vehicles still receive a comprehensive inspection, but it covers the critical components generally, which might leave certain imperfections with the vehicle that would not affect its safety or reliability. These vehicles might have dents or scratches on the exterior, which other dealers may have sold wholesale instead.

Value vehicles are reliable vehicles that have minor shortcomings, but we do not compromise the safety of our customers, so be assured that our value vehicles are a safe option for you. We also have a 30-day exchange policy if the vehicle proves not to satisfy your needs. Your safety, comfort, and happiness are our number one priorities. Check out our value vehicles inventory today!

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Do you have more questions about certified or value vehicles? Then contact us at our Edmonton or Leduc locations for more information. We want to help you find that perfect vehicle!

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