How to test drive a vehicle?

Getting a car can be both stressful and exciting at the same time because it is a major investment! You spend hours researching on the internet for the perfect vehicle and you also spend hours working to save up enough money to pay for it. Why not take the car on a test drive before concluding the transaction? Don't be afraid to take it on the road, this is the only way you will be able to assure it functions well and satisfies your needs. Read on to discover our tips on test driving a vehicle!

You always need a buddy

You may be looking for a particular feel when driving in your car. But what about your family? They might be looking for other features and functionalities. Take the chance and go for a test drive and remember to take a family member or a friend with you. It is also great to have someone else's opinion on things that you might overlook.What better way is there to make sure the vehicle you want to purchase will satisfy your needs and that of your family than taking it for a test drive?

Test it thoroughly

Do you also know that some dealers will also allow you to take the vehicle home with you overnight? Take this opportunity and further try the vehicle on roads that you are familiar with! And don't forget to test drive the vehicle at night. This also allows you to drive the vehicle in different locations and road conditions. You also want to take this opportunity to check if the car fits into your garage. Sometimes, driving a car in a parking lot is just not enough. Don't forget to contact us at Go Auto Outlet to book your overnight test drive. Check out our inventory and book an overnight test drive in Red Deer.

Test drive your vehicle at Go Auto Outlet

Go and stop

More than anything else, it will be important to check the functionality of the mechanical components of your vehicle. This is crucial because it determines your safety. So while driving pay attention to the brakes, the accelerator, handling of the car... Some questions you will need to answer are:

-How long does it take the car to come to a complete stop when you apply the brakes?

-How does the vehicle react to sudden steering maneuvers?

-How smoothly or roughly does the vehicle stop on different road conditions?

Remember, buy a vehicle that will ensure your safety and that of your family and friends!

Silent or not?

The sounds and noises of a vehicle say a lot about it. So make sure to pay close attention to the sounds. Listen for any sounds coming from the car cabin, the air filter, the tires.... Again, this is why it will be important to test drive the vehicle in different locations such as in town and on a highway. Pay even more attention to see if the sounds change from one location to another.


While testing out the car, don't forget to try out the technology, especially when it is a used one. Some of the cool technologies might not be working anymore, so make sure they are still functional, even the radio! Also use this opportunity to get familiar with the new technologies, it might take a while before you got used to them. Also, use this chance to ask the salesperson how to use some features that you are not acquainted with. This is your chance to ask all your questions. Ask them!

Don't hesitate to take it on a test drive. Contact us at Go Auto Outlet in Red Deer, to book yours today! Don't forget, give that car a test drive or you may regret it! Also, check out our Free Go Card to start saving and earning rewards today!

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